Chateau Soleil Residence

“Chateau Soleil Project” represents a luxury residential complex for full time living, set in a large park with restaurant, Spa and pool with hot mineral water. The project will be completed in landed property with №. 10135.2569.260, Varna, resort “St. St. Konstantin and Elena”. The land is 8647 sq. m. In the property, as shown in the sketch, will be built five residential buildings on total area of 2400 square meters and the rest of the area is a natural park.
The buildings have different design, total area and number of floors. In buildings A, B and V apartments have southern view and from the North are located only corridors, only corner suits have East-West view. Building A is 5-storey high and has 6 apartments per floor: 2 two bedroom, 3 one bedroom and 1 Studio. Building B is a 6-storey high 6 apartments per floor: 2 two bedroom, 3 one bedroom and 1 Studio. Building V is a six-storey with 4 apartments per floor : 2 bedroom, 1 bedroom and 1 Studio. In buildings G and D the apartments are oriented to both sides by a hotel type corridor in the middle of the building. Building G is 5-storey high with 10 apartments per floor: 4 bedroom, 4 one bedroom and 2 studios. Building D is a 6-storey high plus one underground floor with 16 parking spaces. On the ground floor of building D are situated restaurant, SPA, the complex’s customer service office and guards with video surveillance. 2, 3, 4, 5 floors have 7 apartments: 2 two bedroom and 5 two-room apartments. On the 6th floor penthouse there are 6 apartments: 1 bedroom, 1 three-bedroom and 4 two-room apartments. The complex has a total of 174 apartments.Speedway, water sports, Jet Ski, “bananas”, surfing and more. In the complex there are functioning police station, post office, pharmacy, gas station and health centre, and regular city bus to the railway station and the center of Varna. A few years ago over the skate, there was green zone with alleys, which connect the Park to the “St. St. Konstantin and Elena” with “Park Primorski” of Varna,

About Varna

The city of Varna is situated on the North and West shores of the Bay of Varna and the Varna Lake edge. The southern and central part of the town are connected by means of the “Asparuhovo bridge”. Varna occupies an area of 238 km2.
South of the Strait, connecting the Bay and lake, are located the districts “Asparuhovo” and “Galata”. On the north shore are industrial zone and port complex. To the Northeast are the central part of the historical centre (the so-called. “Greek quarter”) and the Central beaches.
Around the city is formed gradually agglomeration in the Villa zone near “Evksinograd”, district “Vinica”, right down to “Golden sands”. The territory between Varna and the town of “Aksakovo” is also in the process of construction.
Near the town are the resorts “St. St. Konstantin and Helena” and “Golden sands”. The town has sandy beaches and hot mineral springs with temperature. 35 – 50 ° C. [9]

About our complex and it’s buildings

Buildings A, B, V and G are built in national style – wood cladding on the top floor, stone ground floor roof with tiles. Building D is a French-style chateau type with the typical mansard floor and floor-to-ceiling Windows.
The complex features a swimming pool with mineral water and in the middle with a beautiful terraced Park. All valuable perennial trees are preserved. The natural park environment contains oak, beech, walnut, and other species.
The complex is located 4 minutes from the beach in an area with natural park, next to 7 mineral springs, which creates unique conditions for living and recreation.
The resort has a developed infrastructure. Long Beach over 10 000 m with fine sand. The Beach offers plenty of entertainment and recreation venues. Transport is a constant. 50 m from the resort there is a bus stop. The distance to Varna-8 km to Varna airport-15 km, Golden Sands-10 km.

About “St. St. Konstantin and Elena”

The “St. St. Konstantin and Elena” resort, with the former name “Druzhba” (from the 1990s), is the oldest Bulgarian Black Sea resort.
It is located 10 km North-East from the center of Varna and 4 km from the end of Varna. On August 20, 1951 in the resort has been measured highest value of a 24-hour rainfall in Bulgaria-342 mm.
Besides the holiday bases, hotels, entertainment venues and sports facilities, on the territory of the complex is also located the chapel “St. St. Konstantin and Elena”, which once belonged to the monastery, built in honour of Emperor Constantine I the great and his mother Empress Helena.
The old name of the resort, which is still quite popular among locals, is “Druzhba”. For the whole year in “St. Konstantin and Elena” there are two outdoor swimming pools working, with thermal water at 55 degrees, one of which, 24 hours a day, and the other is authorized for use only by the Ministry of defence. One of the attractions is a vessel-restaurant called “Sirius”. There is also “Hot water”, where hot spring flows into the sea even in the winter, and is actively visited. Now the spring is almost drained due to of out-of-control constructions from the nearby hotel. There are numerous places of entertainment — Internet clubs, restaurants, bars, souvenir shops and clothes, rally

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